Evult Unternehmensberatung & Ingenieurbüro




  • Assistance for making products ready for a successful mass production and market introduction  (of electronic devices)
  • Assistance at the production start / begin of sales
  • market analysis, competition comparison, reengineering
  • qualification of suppliers and products / components
  • negotiations and meetings with suppliers for best success (international and intercultural suppliers)

Ingenieurbüro Evult



  • "holistic" review of development states and milestones
  • help at develoment of housings, thermal concepts, meeting EMI-requirements, certification, etc.
  • "holistic" development of concepts for electronic devices
  • concept construction and 3D visualisation

Produktoptimierungen: Kosten, Markt Design ...

  • Help to design your products related to the european market and cost efficience
  • Product optimisation projects, creative concept development in-team
  • Cost optimisation projects (e.g. using Six Sigma)



  • Planning, execution, coordination up to production and market launch
  • see Consulting page for more information


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